Chemistry Class XII

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Chemistry Lecture By:

1.Smt. Sindhu Nair,PGT Chem,KV Karnja
2.Shri C.P. Prashant,PGT Chem,KV Ganeshkhind Pune
3.Smt. Rikta Das, PGT Chem,KV Army Area Pune
4.Shri. M.P.Gupta,PGT Chem,KV Lonvala

Topics Covered in above Video Play List

1-Solid State Part-1 Chemistry XII
1-Solid State Part-2 Chemistry XII
3-Electrochemistry Part-1 Chemistry XII
3-Electrochemistry Part-2 Chemistry XII
3-Electrochemistry Part-3 Chemistry XII
4-Chemical Kinetics Chemistry XII
5-Surface Chemistry Part-1 Chemistry XII
5-Surface Chemistry Part-2 Chemistry XII
7-P-block Elements Part-1 Chemistry XII
7-P-block Elements Part-2 Chemistry XII
9-Coordination Compounds Part- Chemistry XII
10-13-Organic Chemistry Part-1 Chemistry XII
10-13-Organic Chemistry Part-2 Chemistry XII
10-13-Organic Chemistry Part-3 Chemistry XII
10-13-Organic Chemistry Part-4 Chemistry XII
10-13-Organic Chemistry Part-5 Chemistry XII
13-Amine Chemistry XII
14-Biomolecules Chemistry XII
15-Polymers Chemistry XII


2 thoughts on “Chemistry Class XII

  1. Mukesh Barasara September 25, 2014 at 12:54 pm Reply

    nice job

  2. Swayam February 20, 2016 at 10:27 am Reply

    Thank You Sindu mam rikta mam prashant sir gupta sir.

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